Cute Anime Character Design vTuber Commission - Pngtuber Streamer 2D Illustration Reference Sheet

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How does it work:

After purchasing you will get a form that you can fill out and tick all the options you want. Pick your outfit, colors, personality, or leave anything you don't know to me.

See previous customer reviews and more information on my website:

You want a certain outfit or face or hair from some other characters? No problem! You are also able to upload references for the character.

Want the commission cheaper? Cheaper prices can be found on my website.

I have been working as a professional artist for 20+ years. I can make your imagination come to life.

Whichever kind of character you want to design, I can bring your imagination to life.

You will get:

This commission includes an illustration design, not the rigged live2d model.

+ A high quality PNG image in any size you need it

+ revisions until you are happy

+ Use for private or commercial projects

+ quick working time, you will get your instant download in 3-5 days

(* if there is currently a lot of work pilled up, I may need 1-2 weeks to finish. Please understand. If you are in a hurry, let me know, I will try to finish faster)

+ I can work from your sketches or descriptions

I may upload your design to my social media and etsy to show in my portfolio. If you are against it and want to keep it private, you can choose the private option in the form that you will get after buying. No extra fees are charged for this.


Are you a hardcore anime lover? A streaming superstar in the making? Or just someone who enjoys unique, captivating, downright beautiful art? You're in the right place!

Hi there! I'm your artist, and here’s what you might want to know about me. I have been sharpening my skills in the arts for over two whole decades. Yes, you heard that right - 20+ years! During all that time, my heart's been pulsating for one thing: creating stunning anime inspired art that takes your breath away.

Are you searching for your very own custom anime art? Picture this: Your badass persona armed with fire magic, or stirring up a storm, or dashing through a neo-Tokyo getaway. Or maybe you've always imagined yourself in a sweet and serene setting, surrounded by cherry blossoms, conversing with mystical creatures. I'm here to bring them alive!

Want to spice up your YouTube or Twitch stream? I have just the thing for you! Dive into the immersive world of VTubing with my exceptional character designs. I promise you, it will be like no other. With my illustration skills and your unique charisma, we can create a PngTuber that’s not only eye-catching, but makes your viewers say, "Wow, I wish I had a character like that!"

I promise to breath soul into every commission, because your idea deserves to be celebrated. It's not just art. It's a piece of you, sprinkled with a dash of my creative magic.

There's a big, bold anime world out there waiting to be explored. And I'm here to plunge right into it with you, one art commission at a time. Let's get started on this artful journey together, shall we?

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Cute Anime Character Design vTuber Commission - Pngtuber Streamer 2D Illustration Reference Sheet

0 ratings
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